I was born in the 80s. My mother was depressed and my father was stressed. I didn’t fit in at school. One day, I picked up a pen and escaped.

My mother bought me a leather-bound copy of Treasure Island when I was twelve years old. That book changed my life. I decided I wanted to build a career in writing. I devoured books by authors I admired for inspiration, and finally, in 2013, my first book was published. By me.

After years of grinding by, trying to cement myself as a serious writer, I had a vision. Maybe I could build a platform for other writers? A company for writers, by writers? And then, Manic Raven was born. I want to be a voice for writers who are embarking on the same journey I endured, providing all the necessary tools and knowledge along the way.


Life will burn you to the bones.

Just remember to smile through the fire.